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Remakes And Adjustment

Midway Dental Laboratory Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 08, 2015

we offers   2 years   warranty on  Fix Restorations ,  and 1  year  on  Removable Restorations .

In most situations we will repair the case free of charge . However;There may be additional charges in the following 


1.  If the original dental restoration in not returned to us.

2.  If the case is re-prepped and a new impression is sent.

3.  If the shade is different from the original order.

4.  If the restoration materials are different from the original order.

5.  If we asked for a new impression and you asked us to proceed without one.

6.  If we advised  you  that  we  could  not  guarantee  the  quality of this order and you asked us to proceed anyway.

7.  If we requested a try-in and you asked us tofinish directly.

8.  If we received no study model for anterior for anterior cases and/or no specific directions.

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